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Preparing for Your First Meeting with Your Attorney

When you arrange an initial consultation with an attorney, it's a good idea to ask the law firm representative what you should bring to the meeting. You'll likely be requested to bring any paperwork that is relevant to your case. For example, if you're hiring a car accident lawyer, bring any medical bills that have resulted from the car crash. If you're meeting with a Long Island criminal defense lawyer about an offense you've been charged with, bring notes about the incident that allegedly occurred and any police documentation in your possession.

What to do before the First Visit to Attorney can be watched on this helpful video.

As you'll learn by watching this video, it's important to bring the names and contact info of any involved parties, such as witnesses to an auto accident and the other driver involved. Your criminal lawyer will also need to know as much information about the allegations as possible such as date, time, place, parties involved and any prior criminal history you may have.