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Spotlight on Attorney Robert Schalk

Attorney Robert Schalk of Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn, PC is firmly committed to aggressively defending the rights of clients accused of violent crimes, driving while intoxicated, drug offenses and a slew of other types of charges. As a highly experienced criminal defense attorney, Mr. Schalk has often been sought out for his expertise by prominent members of the media. In addition to being a regular guest analyst on the Fox News Channel, Mr. Schalk is a guest lecturer at Hofstra University School of Law. There he is a member of their faculty at the annual National Institute of Trial Advocacy (NITA) Program.

Countless clients have turned to Robert Schalk when they needed a criminal defense attorney on Long Island and in the 5 boroughs because of his unique professional experiences. Prior to entering private practice as a trial attorney, Mr. Schalk was a Nassau County Assistant District Attorney. During this time, Mr. Schalk prosecuted and tried many different types of cases, from low level misdemeanors to high profile homicide cases. He also received extensive training by law enforcement officers regarding accident reconstruction, field sobriety tests, and police procedure. This extensive training and his experiences as a former prosecutor make Mr. Schalk uniquely qualified to defend the rights of the accused.