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Blog Posts in May, 2015

Reasons to Hire a DWI Lawyer

Facing a DWI on Long Island can be a delicate situation. Because a DWI is a serious charge, it’s never one you should face alone. The DWI Lawyers at Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn have extensive ...
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Understanding Drugged Driving

Just as drunk driving is a serious offense, driving under the influence of drugs is also a criminal offense in New York. Drugs that affect your nervous system have an impact on your decision-making ...
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A Look at Drug Laws in New York State

Drug laws consist of laws that prohibit the manufacture, possession, or sale of certain controlled substances. Studies show that more than half of individuals currently serving jail time for an arrest ...
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Schalk Ciaccio & Kahn: Fighting for You

After sustaining a personal injury in Mineola, most people immediately contact their insurance companies. This contact prompts the insurance company to investigate the incident and all parties ...
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