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Criminal Sealing Comes To New York

Until today, New York has long been a state with virtually no expungement laws. Meaning that in the vast majority of cases people convicted of misdemeanors and felonies would have crimes on their ...
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Criminal Procedure in New York

Criminal Procedure in New York Part One: The Arrest, What to Expect It may have been the result of a traffic stop or someone calling the police to your home, but you’ve found yourself under ...
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What to Do If You're Falsely Arrested

A false arrest is a case in which an individual is arrested and held by law enforcement officials erroneously, either without sufficient probable cause or without a valid warrant for arrest. In some ...
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Special Prosecutors and Criminal Proceedings

While most people are aware that a prosecutor is the person that prosecutes a crime in the name of the government, they are not aware that a special prosecutor can be appointed in certain ...
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Shoplifting -What you need to know about the law

Everyone should be presumed innocent until proven guilty. America is different from other nations of the world in that its citizens enjoy this presumption of innocence. The 5 th Amendment of the ...
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Is There Expungement in New York? An Analysis of the Current State of the Law

Expungement in New York: How Close is it to Becoming Reality? Criminal proceedings can be exhausting. These types of cases are taxing on individuals charged with a crime, along with their families, ...
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Different Types of Drug Charges

Drug offenses can be prosecuted on the state or the federal level. State and federal laws both take a strict stance on drug offenses, given that substance abuse causes needless deaths and injuries. If ...
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Knowing Your Rights in New York | Part 2

Our last article discussed an officer's reasonable suspicion to pull a vehicle over. With that in mind, let's now consider an officer's ability to search a vehicle. How can an officer ...
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A Look at the Grand Jury Process Through the Lens of the Ferguson Police Shooting

The grand jury in the Ferguson shooting will be prepared to share its determination within the next few days. Most people are familiar with the story : a young, African-American male was shot and ...
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Spotlight on Attorney Robert Schalk

Attorney Robert Schalk of Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn, PC is firmly committed to aggressively defending the rights of clients accused of violent crimes, driving while intoxicated, drug offenses and a ...
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Answers to Your Questions About Owning Guns in New York

New York law has recently been updated to reflect a ban on certain types of weapons. If you are a gun owner, prospective gun owner, dealer, or manufacturer, it's highly advisable to consult an ...
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Leave A Review On Google+

Our promise to you is to be professional and courteous while we provide quality legal representation. We would love to hear your feedback on our Google+ page!
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Reasons to Consult with an Attorney for a Misdemeanor Charge

When it comes to criminal charges, there are different levels of severity. The lowest level is an infraction, such as being issued a speeding ticket. A misdemeanor offense is more severe than an ...
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Preparing for Your First Meeting with Your Attorney

When you arrange an initial consultation with an attorney, it's a good idea to ask the law firm representative what you should bring to the meeting. You'll likely be requested to bring any ...
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Types of Violent Crimes

Due to the nature of violent crimes, individuals charged and subsequently convicted of them typically face severe penalties, such as mandated state prison sentences. There are many different types of ...
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What You Should Know About DWI In New York

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is hazardous, and endangers you, your passengers, pedestrians, and other motorists on the road. In New York, DWI is no laughing matter, with first ...
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FAQs: What to expect at a deposition

Often times our attorneys are asked questions regularly about a specific aspect of the law or court process. We want to use our blog to educate our current and potential clients as to the most ...
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Understanding the Difference Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor

If you've been charged with a crime, your Mineola criminal defense lawyer can help you understand what the charge means. For example, most states recognize two primary classifications of crimes. ...
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An Overview of White Collar Crimes

Since the term was first used in 1939, the definition of "white collar crime" has evolved from meaning a crime committed by a well-respected individual to meaning many kinds of nonviolent ...
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New Breathalyzer Can Detect Marijuana

A big change could be coming in the field of law enforcement and the manner in which they can detect drivers under the influence of marijuana. In New York that is a violation of Vehicle and Traffic ...
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