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Recent Posts in Drug Offenses Category

Understanding Drugged Driving

Just as drunk driving is a serious offense, driving under the influence of drugs is also a criminal offense in New York. Drugs that affect your nervous system have an impact on your decision-making ...
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A Look at Drug Laws in New York State

Drug laws consist of laws that prohibit the manufacture, possession, or sale of certain controlled substances. Studies show that more than half of individuals currently serving jail time for an arrest ...
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An Overview of Different Drug Crimes

The Nassau County criminal lawyers at Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn represent those individuals charged with state or federal drug crimes. While state drug laws may be narrower in scope so long as they ...
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A Look at Drug Possession Charges

There are many different reasons why an individual may seek a lawyer in Mineola; car accidents and drunk driving cases are two popular scenarios. However, you should also seek representation from an ...
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Is There Expungement in New York? An Analysis of the Current State of the Law

Expungement in New York: How Close is it to Becoming Reality? Criminal proceedings can be exhausting. These types of cases are taxing on individuals charged with a crime, along with their families, ...
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NY Drug Charges: Get the Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although New York recently revised their maligned Rockefeller drug laws to give judges more sentencing flexibility, being charged with a drug crime is still something to take very seriously. A ...
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Different Types of Drug Charges

Drug offenses can be prosecuted on the state or the federal level. State and federal laws both take a strict stance on drug offenses, given that substance abuse causes needless deaths and injuries. If ...
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