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Recent Posts in Felony Defense Category

Special Prosecutors and Criminal Proceedings

While most people are aware that a prosecutor is the person that prosecutes a crime in the name of the government, they are not aware that a special prosecutor can be appointed in certain ...
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Is There Expungement in New York? An Analysis of the Current State of the Law

Expungement in New York: How Close is it to Becoming Reality? Criminal proceedings can be exhausting. These types of cases are taxing on individuals charged with a crime, along with their families, ...
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What Is a Felony?

While those charged with a misdemeanor may face up to a year in jail, individuals who are charged and subsequently convicted of a felony could serve a much longer term in state or federal prison, ...
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Types of Violent Crimes

Due to the nature of violent crimes, individuals charged and subsequently convicted of them typically face severe penalties, such as mandated state prison sentences. There are many different types of ...
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Understanding the Difference Between a Felony and a Misdemeanor

If you've been charged with a crime, your Mineola criminal defense lawyer can help you understand what the charge means. For example, most states recognize two primary classifications of crimes. ...
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New Breathalyzer Can Detect Marijuana

A big change could be coming in the field of law enforcement and the manner in which they can detect drivers under the influence of marijuana. In New York that is a violation of Vehicle and Traffic ...
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