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Long Island Fraud Defense Attorney

Fraud Cases on Long Island and New York
The legal definition of fraud is – “some deceitful practice or willful device, resorted to with intent to deprive another of his right, or in some manner to do him an injury.” That definition does nothing to clear up the murky legal waters one wades into when they are accused or charged with a criminal fraud. The most important decision one can make when they are accused of or arrested for fraud is to contact an experienced criminal attorney with experience defending these serious matters, such as the criminal fraud attorneys at Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn.

Businessman in handcuffs

Fraud Prosecutions

Criminal frauds can happen in one’s personal life or business life. Regardless of what realm the fraud occurs in the penalties can serious. Frauds are prosecuted in both state and federal courts and can carry penalties such as jail, probation and/or the repayment of substantial restitution depending on the level of the fraud committed. There has been a tremendous rise in the prosecution of fraud cases throughout New York in recent years and they are taken very seriously by law enforcement and the prosecuting offices.

Fraud Cases

The criminal fraud attorneys at Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn are all former prosecutors who have worked on fraud cases both as prosecutors and defended those accused of fraud. They utilize their experience and familiarity with law enforcement investigating tactics to defend these often complex cases on behalf of their clients.

Forms of Fraud

  • Unemployment Benefits Fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid Fraud
  • Real Estate Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Investment Fraud
  • Telemarketing Fraud
  • Identity Theft
  • Internet Fraud

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