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Common Workplace Injuries and Accidents

Research shows that the most common workplace injuries include sprains, strains, and tears, especially from overextension in lifting or lowering objects. Additionally, the most common part of the body injured is the back. Anyone injured at work needs to contact a personal injury/ workers compensation lawyer. To maximize benefits, a lawyer should be contacted immediately following such an accident. Filing a workers compensation claim timely may lead to a quick recovery for lost wages and medical bills.

common workplace injuries

Workers who suffer injuries may receive benefits through their employers’ insurance company. A lawyer may be necessary for the injured worker to receive the full compensation deserved. Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to compensate someone injured on the job for his or her medical bills and lost wages. Workers’ compensation lawyers understand the state’s workers’ compensation laws, which allow them to effectively represent an injured New York worker. A personal injury attorney also understands that sustaining a work injury can drastically impact someone’s life, as it affects his or her ability to earn an income or find other employment.

In addition, if a worker sustained injuries due to a defective product, or from the negligence of a third party while at work, then he or she should talk to a lawyer about filing a claim for workers compensation benefits and negligence. Many times an injured worker is entitled to more than just workers compensation benefits.

Should you have any questions about workers compensation benefits, please call the Long Island injury lawyers at Schalk, Ciaccio and Kahn.

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