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NY Drug Charges: Get the Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

Although New York recently revised their maligned Rockefeller drug laws to give judges more sentencing flexibility, being charged with a drug crime is still something to take very seriously. A conviction for possession or sale of a controlled substance could lead to substantial incarceration time and have a long-term impact on your livelihood. If you're arrested for a drug crime, the very first thing you should do is contact a criminal defense attorney with experience fighting these kinds of charges. An experienced attorney can challenge your charges based on a number of different factors, including how the drugs were discovered and how they were weighed. In this infographic, Schalk, Ciaccio & Kahn, P.C., lawyers near Mineola, explain various drug charges in New York and the potential sentences for each. If you've been arrested, call a lawyer right away to protect your rights, and please share this information to help others in your same position.

New York Drug Offense Infographic

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