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Since the term was first used in 1939, the definition of “white collar crime” has evolved from meaning a crime committed by a well-respected individual to meaning many kinds of nonviolent crimes. Attorneys in Mineola commonly defend individuals who have been accused of white collar crimes, which are offenses committed for the purpose of monetary gain. If you’ve been accused of a white-collar crime, such as fraud or a scam, it’s essential to have a lawyer inform you of your legal rights and options.

Types of White Collar Crimes
There is a vast array of white-collar crimes. Some of these crimes may be committed inadvertently, such as unintentionally neglecting to report a source of income while receiving welfare. Stock fraud is another common type of white-collar crime, which involves creating undeserved hype about a particular stock to attract investors, then dumping stock shares. This enables the offenders to reap the rewards while leaving the investors with significant losses. Auto accident fraud is also considered to be a white-collar crime, even though it causes property damage and can even cause injuries to the victim. With this type of crime, the offender drives in front of the victim’s car and suddenly slams on the brakes, causing a rear-end collision. Bogus insurance claims are then filed that exaggerate the injuries. Additionally, lawyers often defend clients accused of telemarketing scams, which typically involve the promise of a prize or “free gift.” To claim the prize, the victim is instructed to provide credit card information or send money.

Importance of Working with a Criminal Lawyer
Quite often, government agents approach those suspected of a white collar crime to question them before they are even charged with a crime. They may even obtain subpoenas for documents prior to an arrest being made. Because of these tactics, the accused often answers the government agents’ questions before consulting an attorney, which may lead to an unfavorable outcome. It’s essential to contact a criminal lawyer right away – before answering questions or volunteering information.


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